Enhancing Your Average Typing Speed

Typing is one of the basic skills a person learns before using a computer. Lately it has become a basic requirement when trying to apply for a job may it be online or offline. So how do you improve your average typing speed from home without paying for numerous lessons and taking multiple tests? It’s simple and you will find out soon enough. But remember your average typing speed doesn’t translate to your basic computer skills; it only improves them by making them more efficient. What you will see is how to improve your average typing skills from the comfort of your home.

First step to improving your average typing speed is by learning how to place your fingers on your keyboard. Most people have grown accustomed to typing by one or maybe two fingers at a time, which is making their speed very low. You need to learn which finger should be placed on which key in order to be able to type with all your fingers at once. It is a basic method which will be revealing later on. But as soon as you master these arrangement your average typing speed will double or even triple. Yes it’s just that effective and important for results to be seen.

The second step to increasing your average typing speed is also simple, learn where each key is. Which is why it is important you to learn the finger-to-key placement first. By learning the placement you will have all of your fingers on the keyboard and so you will quintuple the number of keys typed at a time as compared to typing with one or two fingers. Then by doing this and learning where each key is you will be able to type any word without looking at the keyboard, which takes away from your time thus limiting your average typing speed. So your attention will remain on the screen saving you time.

When you follow these two steps and master them, your average typing speed will increase significantly. So about the finger placement method, first you place your left pinky finger on theca` key and the right one on the colon/semicolon key. Then follow up with the rest of your fingers until both index fingers leave a space of two keys specifically `g` and `h` while your thumbs are on the spacebar key. But don’t fret if you can’t master it on your own there, are various free typing instructor software’s that can help you determine your average typing speed and other basic such as those shown above. But remember all it takes is practice.

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